When you have a module with CANopen firmware, the red LED flashes when CAN is not connected. With CANopen firmware, it is not possible to control the motor using the TMCL-IDE or TMCL commands.

However, you can turn the CANopen module into a TMCL module using a firmware update. Get the TMCL firmware file from the product page of the module on our website ( then use the firmware update function of the TMCL-IDE to perform the firmware update.

There are two options to do so:
  1. If the module offers USB, just connect the module via USB. Do not connect the power supply (otherwise USB would not work with CANopen firmware).
  2. When updating the firmware via CAN, you first have to put the module into bootloader mode. To do so, click on the connected CAN-adapter in the TMCL-IDE and click on "Send boot command" in the CANopen-tab. After restarting the IDE you are able to perform the firmware update with the update function.
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