Temperature drift is not an issue with our local sensors. The devices are trimmed and calibrated in a temperature controlled bath. Once the trim values are set in internal EEPROM, they do not change. Also the internal dual/matched transistors, used in determining the voltage delta and thus the temperature value, do not drift over time. The bias current generated and passed through these matched transistors also has been characterized as stable over time and temperature.

So drift has never been an issue with the DS18B20. This product has been around for 15+ years, and we have never had any reports or data to show that the performance of the DS18B20 is any different years later than it was on day one.

We have an application note that relies on this stable behavior. It allows users to characterize a particular DS18B20 across temperature vs real world temperatures, and apply external correction. We can do this due to the very predictable and stable behavior of the DS18B20 over temperature and over time.

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