How to Update the Firmware of a MAX32664 on a Custom PCB (Windows)

Although the MAX32664 User Guide outlines the necessary I2C commands and sequences to update the IC to the latest firmware, implementing this from scratch isn’t exactly straightforward.  Luckily, Maxim provides a ready-made solution built around our MAX32630FTHR.  This guide will walk you through updating the firmware of a MAX32664 on a custom PCB using Maxim’s msbl flashing tool.
Required Equipment

  • MAX32630FTHR + MAX32625PICO w/ JTAG Cable (The MAX32625PICO and cable are included in the MAX32630FTHR package)
  • Your custom PCB with the SLAVE_SDA, SLAVE_SCL, MFIO, and RSTN pins of the MAX32664 exposed.
  • The latest .msbl firmware file for your MAX32664 variant, available here.
  • The software resources pack, available at the bottom of the article.
    • From the zip download:
      • MRD220A_MAX32630_Host_FW_x.x.x_ASCII.bin file, used for the MAX32630FTHR as an interface between the executable and the MAX32664 sensor hub. 
      •  The executable  "download_fw_over_i2c_host.exe" which is the main program that runs the update sequence on the host PC.

Step 1: Set up the MAX32630FTHR as an msbl programmer


Step 2:  Connect the MAX32630FTHR to the MAX32664


Step 3:  Reconnect the MAX32630FTHR to your PC


Step 4:  Update the MAX32664 Firmware


Step 5:  Verify the Version # of the Updated Firmware


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